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Aethelred II of Mercia (857-911) was Lord of the Mercians from 881 to 911, succeeding Ceolwulf II of Mercia and preceding Aethelflaed. He was a weak ruler whose ambition of becoming King of Mercia was thwarted after a failed invasion of Wales in 881, after which he was forced to recognize King Alfred the Great of Wessex as his overlord Æthelred, Lord of the Mercians (or Ealdorman Æthelred of Mercia; died 911) became ruler of English Mercia shortly after the death of its last king, Ceolwulf II in 879. His rule was confined to the western half, as eastern Mercia was then part of the Viking-ruled Danelaw.Æthelred's ancestry is unknown King Ceowulf II of West Mercia died. Aethelred became ruler of Mercia with the support of King Alfred the Great. 881 (during) It is likely that Aethelred was the leader of an invasion of Gwynned in Wales that is known to have taken place this year


Penny 978-1016 VF Aethelred II (978-1016) Last Small Cross type Penny, Pellet E: 287.30 US$ + 34.48 US$ shipping. Delivery: 13 - 16 days. View item Coins - Estonia (Estonia) England / Lewes: penny 978-1016 VF+ Aethelred II (978-1016) Crux type: 574.59 US$ + 34.48 US$ shipping. Delivery: 13 - 16 days. View item Coins - Estonia (Estonia) England / Worchester: Penny 978-1016 XF Aethelred II (978. BMC iia, Hild. B1; 1.65gm/20.00mm; S 1144 ; N 0766; EX: CNG 63(21 May 2003), lot 1939, CNG 29(30 March 1994, lot 1595; Seaby Bulletin, January 1965, H2602 . Ipswich; 979-985 ; Penny ; LEOFSTAN MO LVNDO ; First Hand Type ; BMC iia, Hild. B1; 1.38gm/20.00mm; S 1144 ; N 0766 . London . 979-985 Penny LIVINC MONETA NORÐþIC First Hand Type BMC iia, Hild. B1; 1.56gm/21.25mm; S 1144 N 0766 EX: Late. Ethelred II - traduction anglais-français. Forums pour discuter de Ethelred II, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. Gratuit

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Æthelred II 'the Unready', King of England. date de consultation. 9 octobre 2017. affirmé dans . Brockhaus Enzyklopädie. identifiant Brockhaus Enzyklopädie. aethelred-ii. sous le nom. Aethelred II. lieu de mort. Londres. 1 référence. importé du projet Wikimédia. Wikipédia en allemand. lieu de sépulture. Old St Paul's Cathedral. 0 référence. père. Edgar le Pacifique. 1 référence. Ethelred II., někdy také Ethlered II.Nerozhodný, (cca 968 - 23. duben 1016) byl anglickým králem v letech 978 až 1013 a poté 1014 až 1016.Byl synem krále Edgara a jeho manželky Elfthryth.Hlavní část jeho vlády byla poznamenána odrážením útoků Viking Noté /5. Retrouvez Aethelred II: King of England 978-1016 et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Achetez neuf ou d'occasio Æthelred II, also dubbed the Unready was King of Saxon England during 978-1013 and 1014-1016. Under his father Kind Edgar, England had experienced a period of peace after the reconquest of the Danelaw in the mid-10th century. However, beginning in 980, small bands of Danish invaders carried out coastline raids testing defences across England that included Hampshire, Thanet, Cornwall. Aethelred II, 978-1016 AD. Hammered Penny, CRUX type. London Mint, Moneyer Eadwold. Weight 1.33 grams. A superb and eye catching example with a rich cabinet tone. A few small peck marks. With a 19th century collection label and the paper envelope from an Auction of Adolph Hess. Provenance: Ex Adolph Hess Auction, Frankfurt, lot 4640. This coin is sold guaranteed genuine. The coin photographed.

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  1. définition - aethelred ii of northumbria. voir la définition de Wikipedia. Wikipedia. Æthelred II of Northumbria. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Æthelred was king of Northumbria. He was the son of Eanred. Relatively little is known of his reign from the surviving documentary record. He appears to have been expelled in favour of Rædwulf, whose reign is.
  2. Ethelred II ehk Ethelred the Unready (ka Aethelred, vanainglise Æþelred Unræd; umbes 968 - 23. aprill 1016) oli Inglismaa kuningas aastatel 978-1013 ja 1014-1016.. Tema lisanimi Unræd ei tähendanud mitte ebavalmit (Unready), vaid mitte nõustatut.Hüüdnime tähendus on ajaloo jooksul aga kõlalise sarnasuse tõttu muutunud. Eesti ajaloolane Priit Raudkivi on välja pakkunud, et.
  3. Aethelred II (roi d'Angleterre) [Nom de personne] Information (par souci de protection des données à caractère personnel, le jour et le mois de naissance ne sont pas affichés) Langue d'expression : Anglais. Pays : Royaume-Uni. Date de naissance : 0968. Date de mort : 1016. Genre : Masculin. Notes . Note publique d'information : Roi d'Angleterre de 978 à 1016. - Fils d'Edgar le Pacifique.
  4. Styca d'Aethelred II, roi de Northumbrie, premier règne (841-844) Monétaire : Eanred 1.00 g, diamètre 12 mm, axe des coins 9 h . A/ +EDILRED REX R/ +EANRED Motif: 1var/6 Eanred a été un monétaire prolifique d'Aethelred II. Il a aussi frappé monnaie pour son successeur Redwulf. Le monétaire Eanred ne doit pas être confondu avec le roi précédent, père d'Aethelred II. Le globule dans.

Æthelred II [Ethelred; known as Ethelred the Unready] (c. 966x8-1016), king of England, was the younger son of King Edgar (r. 959-75) and his wife, Ælfthryth (d. 999x1001), daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar. The separate elements of his name (Æthel-ræd) mean '... You do not currently have access to this articl Home; Books; Search; Support. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. Terms and Conditions; Get Published.

Eanred a été un monétaire prolifique d'Aethelred II. Il a aussi frappé monnaie pour son successeur Redwulf. Le monétaire Eanred ne doit pas être confondu avec le roi précédent, père d'Aethelred II. Le globule dans le quadrant SO de la croix à l'avers est peu usuel Aethelred II styca (FindID 77738).jpg 800 × 525; 105 KB Anglo Saxon coin; Styca of King Aethelred (FindID 230694).jpg 715 × 726; 930 KB Coin, styca, Aethelred II (FindID 458375).jpg 1,544 × 852; 114 K

Æthelred II: Date of birth: c. 8 June 968 Kingdom of Wessex: Date of death: 23 April 1016 London: Place of burial: Old St Paul's Cathedral; Country of citizenship: Kingdom of England; Occupation: monarch; Position held: monarch of England (978, 1013) monarch of England (1014, 1016) Family: House of Wessex; Father: Edgar of England; Mother : Ælfthryth; Sibling: Edward the Martyr; Edith of. Aethelred II (978-1016), Penny, Long Cross type (c.997-1003) Chester mint, moneyer Aelfnoth , bare headed bust left, pellet behind, legend surrounds +ÆĐELRED REX ANGLO. Rev, long voided cross with tri-crescent terminals, pellet at centre, reads +ÆLFNOÐ MO LEIG, 1.71g (S.1151; N.774; BMC IVa). Slightly undulating flan, some peck marks, legible legend inscriptions. Near very fine, in a.

King of the English (surnamed The Unready, i.e. without redeor counsel), son of King Edgar by his second wife Aefthryth, was born in 968 or 969 and succeeded to the throne on the murder of his step-brother Edward (the Martyr) in 979. His reign was disastrous from the beginning Æthelred then makes a calculated move and offers the Vikings a treaty known as II Aethelred. Sweyn's signature is not on this treaty, but Olaf's is. 24 The treaty is the start of a strong alliance between Æthelred and Olaf. Æthelred supports Olaf with money and means to return to Norway and claim the throne. After 995, Olaf and Sweyn both disappear from England, both heading home to. Æthelred II Ealdorman of Mercia born about 0865 Mercia, England died 0912; biographical and/or anecdotal: notes or source: LDS. Ethelred & Ethelan may be the same person. lineally descended from *Crioda, 1st Earl of Mercia, who died in 594. Wurts reports that *Ealhswith, daughter of *Ethelan, Earl of Mercia, descended through Crioda, 1st Earl of Mercia . Earldorman Aethelred Mucil. Mucil. Great Britain 1d Penny 978-1016 AU58 NGC silver S#1151 Anglo Saxon Aethelred II. C $2,954.53. Free shipping . Aethelred 978-1016 AD Silver Penny. C $134.29 0 bids + C $6.71 shipping . England, Anglo-Saxon penny, Aethelred II (997-1016), London, S.1151 . C $374.70 + C $10.74 shipping . England Anglo-Saxon 11 century Aethelred II Scandinavia imitation silver penny, C $441.85 + C $10.74 shipping. Styca d'Aethelred II, roi de Northumbrie, premier règne (841-844

Æthelred II (c. 966 - 23 April 1016), was King of the English from 978 to 1013 and again from 1014 until his death. Æthelred was the son of King Edgar and Queen Ælfthryth. He came to the throne at about the age of 12, following the assassination of his older half-brother, Eadweard the Martyr. His brother' Get the best deals on Aethelred II. (978-1016), shop the largest numismatic marketplace at MA-Shops.co LONDON.- A very fine and rare penny from the reign of Æthelred II (978-1016), that was produced in Canterbury sold for £13,640 in International coins, medals, banknotes and jewellery specialists Dix Noonan Webb's live /online auction of Coins, Tokens & Historical Medals on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. The penny which was being sold by a British Collector, was bought by a European collector and. WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . Æthelred est roi d'Est-Anglie dans les années 870.. Son règne prend place après la mort du roi Edmond le Martyr lors de l'invasion du royaume par les Vikings de la Grande Armée, en 869.Il n'est connu que par ses frappes monétaires

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Aethelred II (978-1016), silver Penny, CRVX type (c.991-997), Wareham Mint, Moneyer Bryhtric, draped bust left with sceptre, three pellet head, within linear circle, legend commences at top, +ÆĐELRÆD REX ANGLORX, outer beaded circle surrounding both sides, rev voided cross within linear circle, letters C R V X in each angle, legend surrounding, +BRYHTRIC M-O PER, 1.67g (BMC type IIIa; N.770. Æthelred was king of Northumbria in the middle of the ninth century, but his dates are uncertain. N. J. Higham gives 840 to 848, when he was killed, with an interruption in 844 when Rædwulf usurped the throne, but was killed the same year fighting against the Vikings. Barbara Yorke agrees, and adds that Æthelred was the son of his predecessor, Eanred, but dates his death 848 or 849

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Première couronne : Aethelred II Emma est fille du duc de Normandie Richard Ier et sœur du duc Richard II. C'est ce dernier qui décide, au commencement de l'année 1002, de la marier avec le roi d'Angleterre Ethelred II (ou Æthelred II ) Æthelred II (d. 1016), king of England (978-1016). Æthelred Unræd, the 'Unready', or more accurately the 'ill-advised', lost his kingship 1013-14, when the Danish king, Sweyn Forkbeard, forced him into exile in Normandy, the home of his second wife Emma, whom Æthelred had married in 1002.The Anglo-Saxon Chronicler who composed a full account late in Æthelred's reign was. Aethelred II book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Too often dismissed as the 'unready' King, unprepared, ill-advised, and.. AEthelred II de Mercie . jeudi 27 décembre 2018. AEthelred II de Mercie Ealdorman de Mercie de vers 881 à 911. Ealdorman sous la suzeraineté d 'Édouard l'Ancien, dont il épouse la sœur AEthelflæd, qui lui succède à sa mort. D'origine inconnue, il remplace Ceolwulf II, il est mentionné pour la première fois en 881. Il est inhumé, dans le prieuré Saint-Oswald à Gloucester qu. Æthelred II d'Angleterre En 933, le duc Guillaume Longue-Épée (de la branche des Vikings provenant du Danemark) conquiert, avec l'Avranchin, le Cotentin et les îles Anglo-Normandes au détriment..

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Aethelred II. von England est né(e) um 968, fils de Edgar von England et Aelfthryth von Devon. Il s'est marié avec Aelflede von Deira, ils ont eu 11 kinderen. Il s'est marié avec Emma von der Normandie, ils ont eu 3 kinderen. Il est décédé le 23 avril 1016 dans London. Cette information fait partie de de sur Généalogie Online Æthelred II (the Unready), King of the English was from the Anglo-Saxon House of Wessex.He was a great-great-grandson of King Alfred the Great and the father of two kings, Edmund Ironside and Edward the Confessor. His nickname in Old English was unræd which means no counsel and describes the poor quality of advice which Æthelred received throughout his reign Le roi anglo-saxon Aethelred II est également connu comme «le unready» parce qu'il n'a pas eu de bons conseillers. Son leadership faible a rendu le pays une proie facile pour les invasions vikings. Coins comme celui-ci ont également été utilisés en Scandinavie. Aethelred payé Danegeld aux Vikings du Danemark en rançon pour les empêcher de piller. Mais les Vikings ne cessait de.

› Penny - Æthelred II (Long Cross type) Right Now on Catawiki. USA - 1 Dollar 1884, 1897, 1889, 1900 Morgan - Silver €10.00. Roman Empire - Lote de 25 monedas, acuñadas entre I - IV s d.C. €15.00. France - Napoléon III - 1 Franc 1857-A (Paris. Aethelred II · Ethelred II · Ethelred II, the Unready. Exemples Décliner. Faire correspondre . tous les mots . les mots exacts . n'importe quels mots . Une inscription anglo-saxonne datant du règne de. Æthelred le Malavisé (vers 966 / 968 - 23 avril 1016) est roi d'Angleterre de 978 à sa mort, avec une interruption de fin 1013 à début 1014.Son règne est marqué par la recrudescence des attaques des Vikings.. Biographie. Æthelred est le benjamin des fils du roi Edgar, et le deuxième que lui donne sa dernière femme Ælfthryth.Il a un frère aîné, Edmond, mort jeune vers 970. À la. Looking for Æthelred II? Find out information about Æthelred II. ?thelred known as Ethelred the Unready. ?968--1016 ad, king of England . He was temporarily deposed by the Danish king Sweyn but was recalled on Sweyn's death Explanation of Æthelred II

Un détectoriste anglais découvre un trésor datant du règne d'Aethelred II - 99 pièces, soit 81 pennies et 18 demi-pennies coupés. L'Australian Royal Mint célèbre son équipe olympique en 2020 Juil 20, 2020 . La chaine Youtube STEVIUS explique les monnaies du Moyen Age en France Juil 20, 2020 . Présentation officielle de la première pièce digitale pour collectionneurs au monde Juil. [Monnaie : Angleterre, Æthelred II, Denier, 978-1016] -- 0978-1016 -- obje

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Fiche détaillée de la pièce 1 Penny, Aethelred II, Angleterre, avec photos et gestion de votre collection et des échanges : tirages, descriptions, métal, poids, valeur et autres infos numismatique Aethelred II (841-844) Aethelred II (978-1016) Aethelstan (924-939) Aethelstan I (825-840) Alex II (1214-1249) Alex III (1249-1286) Alfred (871-899) Baldred (823-825) Beornwulf (823-825) Burgred (852-874) Ceolwulf I (821-823) Charles I (1625-1649) Charles II (1660-1685) Cnut (1016-1035) Coelnoth (833-870) Coenwulf (796-821) Commonwealth (1649-1660) Continental Sceatta (695-740) David II (1329. Aethelred II (978-1016), Penny, Voided Longcross type, Hereford, Byrhstan, 1.36g, 10h, rev. + BYRHSTAN M-O HERE (BEH 1335-37; N.774; S.1151), a hairline striking crack through HERE and heavier pecking to reverse fields, otherwise deep cabinet tone, a pleasingly bold very fine. Provenance The Isladulcie Collection of Medieval Pennies and Fractions Alan Morris, collection dispersed privately by.

Aethelred I, (died April 871), king of Wessex and of Kent (865/866-871), son of Aethelwulf of Wessex.. By his father's will he should have succeeded to Wessex on the death of his eldest brother Aethelbald (d. 860). He seems, however, to have stood aside in favour of his brother Aethelberht, king of Kent, to whose joint kingdoms he succeeded in 865 or 866 Aethelred II N; Édouard le Confesseur d'ANGLETERRE; Famille avec le conjoint; Knud le Grand de DANEMARK; Harthacnut de DANEMARK; Emma de NORMANDIE. Naissance : 985 51 35. Décès : 6 mars 1052 — Winchester, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni. Ancêtres; Arbre compact; Arbre interactif; Ascendance; Carte d'ascendance. A very collectable, early hammered, silver Penny of King Aethelred II, know as the Unready. A very old coin from the late Anglo-Saxon period of the first Kings of England. This coin is of the Short cross type, and was struck by the moneyer named Edsige at the Winchester mint between the years 978 to 1016. The obverse features the bare headed bust facing left with a sceptre in front. The. Aethelred II (978-1016). AR Penny, Long cross type, London, Leofing. æðel•red rex angl•, diademed bust left, rev. + lyfinc m•o lvnd, voided long cross, additional pellet in first and fourth quarter. Ref: SCBI 7 (Copenhagen) 905; SCBI 50 (Hermitage) 838; Hildebrand type D, 2827; cf. SCMB, January 1968, H1691; BMC IV Histoire et généalogie des Fradin de Bellabre, une vieille famille française, du 13e siècle à nos jours : 45000 individus sur 25 générations

d'ANGLETERRE Aethelred II Unready (605393144) 965 - 1016: Conjoint(s) Enfant(s) de MERCIE Aelfgifu (605393145) (? - 1003) d'ANGLETERRE Edmond II Ironside (302696572) (993 - 1016) d'ANGLETERRE Egbert (? - 1005) d'ANGLETERRE Edgar (? - 1008) d'ANGLETERRE Edgyth d'ANGLETERRE Edgiva d'ANGLETERRE Edward (? - 1004) d'ANGLETERRE ? d'ANGLETERRE Wulfhild d'ANGLETERRE Edwy (? - 1017) d'ANGLETERRE Edred. Penny 978-1016 England / Stamford Aethelred II (978-1016) Last Small Cross type SUP Numismatique, monnaies anciennes, monnaies de collection, billets MA-SHOPS Garantie monnaies, billets et livres noun aethelred ii (Ethelred the Unready) a.d. 968?-1016, king of England 978-1013, 1014-1016. 1; Just one definition for aethelred ii . Information block about the term. Parts of speech for Aethelred ii. noun. adjective. verb. adverb. pronoun. preposition. conjunction. determiner. exclamation. Full grammatical hierarchy of Aethelred ii . aethelred ii popularity. This term is known only. Aethelred II is generally regarded as a poor king seemingly surrounding himself with bad counselors. His actions appear to increased the violence of the Danish Invasions of Anglia which would led to his brief exile and the breakup of the English kingdom.. The death of King Edgar in 975 had left two young children to carry a kingdom

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Aethelred II Silver Penny. Longcross. Brihtlaf on London. 1.67g 20.0mm. North - 774. Spink - 1151. Enquire * * £395.00. Add To Basket add to compare. Description; Obverse: Æ Ð ELR Æ D REX ANGLO. Bare head bust l. Reverse: BRIHTLAF MO LVND. Voided longcross terminating in three crescents, pellet to centre. LAL724167 Aethelred II, usually called the Unready (gouache on paper) by Nicolle, Pat (Patrick) (1907-95); Private Collection; (add.info.: Aethelred II, usually called the Unready, but in fact his Anglo-Saxon nickname means ill-advised. During the 10th Century, he repeatedly tried to buy off the Danish invaders - but with little success. From Look and Learn 881 (2 December.

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Æthelred II - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free Æthelred II the Unready King of England, 978×9-1013, 1014-1016. As a boy of about ten years, Æthelred II became king upon the murder of his half-brother Eadweard the Martyr Penny Aethelred II Crux Type AEDELPERD MO SVDBY Aethelwerd at Southwark Mint (S.1148, N.770, SCBI 7 Copenhagen, No.1159) NVF with some flan loss at 12 o' clock and pitting to the bust. Harshly cleaned Aethelred II is one of these English Kings that has gone done in history as an incompetent failure. He has been seen as unready, unprepared, ill-advised and incapable of dealing with the military and political crises of his long and very eventful reign. In particular, he happens to be the Anglo-Saxon King who lost his kingdom to the onslaught of the Danish kings, first Swein and then his son. Æthelred 1 II was King of England from 978-1016, and is known as Æthelred the Unready. His reign was not a success - in 1014 he was forced to flee England for a year, and on his death in 1016, England had been conquered by the Danish leader Cnut 2. The Start of Æthelred II's Reign. In 975, King Edgar of England died. Edgar had ruled England since 959 after the death of his brother Eadwig.

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ENGLAND / Aethelred II 978-1016. crux penny, 991-997, Winchester mint, minister Aethelgar; Aw: Bust of the ruler on the left, on the left a line ended with a three-leaved leaf, + ÆĐELRÆD REX ANGLORX; Rw: double-stranded cross, in CRVX angles, + ÆĐELGAR MO PINT; N. 770, S. 1148; silver, 21.2 mm, 1.69 g; bent. Rare Penny The shipment takes place by uninsured registered mail. The shipping. Aethelred II Silver Penny Lovely and Sharp Pieced for Wear by a Saxon! Rochester Mint - Very Rare Mint. Despatched with Royal Mail - Insured. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Postage and packaging. This item will post to United States, but the seller hasn't specified postage options. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your. Aethelred II by Ryan Lavelle, 9780752446783, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide

Aethelred II, Silver Penny, 978-1016. Long cross type. Obverse bare headed bust left. London Mint. Extremely fine. Category: Hammered silver. S.1151 N.774. Grade: EF. Description: WULFSTAN MO LVND. Round flan. Superb portrait with strike weakness in the legend at 10 o'clock on the obverse. £ 525.00. Aethelred II synonyms, Aethelred II pronunciation, Aethelred II translation, English dictionary definition of Aethelred II. See Ethelred II. n a variant spelling of Ethelred II See Ethelred II. n a variant spelling of Ethelred II d'ANGLETERRE Edouard I L'Ancien (2421572390) 871 - 925: de KENT Edgiva (4843145153) 896 - 968 : de NORMANDIE Rollon (Hrolf le Marcheur) (2421571938) 860 - 931: de BAYEUX Poppée (2421571939): de VERMANDOIS Bernard I (2421572418) 875 - 92 Aethelred II: King of the English 978-1016 (English Monarchs) by Lavelle, Ryan and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com

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Pris: 170 kr. Häftad, 2008. Skickas inom 10-15 vardagar. Köp Aethelred II av Ryan Lavelle på Bokus.com These tenth-century dilemnas faced by King Aethelred II remain surprisingly topical, a thousand years later. In exploring them, Levi Roach offers new insights into one of the darker yet most fascinating epochs in English history. His is a masterly account: a scholarly adventure story here for the first time set out in true context and vibrant detail.—Nicholas Vincent, author o

Æthelred II av England – WikipediaAnglo-Saxon Coinage in BritainSaint Aelfheah | archbishop of Canterbury | BritannicaEardwulf of Northumbria - WikipediaPortraits of the British Monarchs Part 1The Saxon Kings of England

Aethelred II. 978-1016. AR penny. Thetford mint. Osbern, moneyer. AEDELRED REX ANGLORX, bust left / +SIGERRIC M O PECED, voided long cross with C/R/V/X in angles. 0.97g. This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. Back to home page Return to top. More to explore : 1931 S Penny Lincoln Wheat Small Cents, Oakley Penny, penny hardaway, Copper. AETHELRED II, KING OF ENGLAND Reigned from March 978 to December 1013 and March/April 1014 to April 23, 1016. Born to Edgar the Peaceable and to Edgar's second wife, Aelfthryth, in or near 968, Aethelred became the center of factional strife along with his older half brother, Edward, when their father died in 975. Edward and his supporters were successful in securing the crown, but his reign. Aethelred II of Northumbria, AR Penny, Thetford, c. 1009-1017). 1.28 g. + EDELRED REX AN, Central circle, diademed and draped bust left within / + PVFNOD MODEOD, Small cross pattee, with similar smaller cross at each end. North 779; Seaby 1154 var. Text: Spink 865 Alghere: Aethelred II of Northumbria, 1st Reign 841-844, AE Styca. 13mm. Phase II Group B, moneyer Alghere. AEDILRED RX around. AETHELRED II or ETHELRED (c. 968-1016), king of the English (surnamedTHE UNREADY; i.e., without rede or counsel), son of King Edgar by his second wife, Aelfthryth, was born in 968 or 969 and succeeded to the throne on the murder of his half-brother Edward (the Martyr) in 978. In the year after his accession the Danish invasions recommenced, though as yet their object was plunder only, not.

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