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  1. Pursuing a Master's Degree in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science @ the HCI institute @ CMU. Actively seeking full-time learning engineer and instructional designer opportunities
  2. Lens CMS Webflow Template is the most comprehensive Photography Webflow Template on the Marketplace built for creatives like you. Lens supports from small to large breakpoints your site will look awesome on all screen devices. Try it Lens CMS Today
  3. imal design Porte CMS is ideal for creatives that need to showcase their work and experience perfect for all types of Portfolios, easy to use & easy to customize try it today
  4. contact. webflow GCV Molenstraat 29 9880 Aalter BE 0649.465.577 BE19 3631 5842 7312 info@webflow.b
  5. In this course, we'll build a fully-responsive, CMS-driven portfolio website in the Webflow Designer. This includes designing the homepage hero section, creating the database for client projects, designing the client project index and detail pages, adding social proof with client logos, creating a contact section, and animating the fixed navigation menu
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View all of our most recent projects, and learn how you can hire us for your next project Mon Portfolio. Projets récents. Cohésion d'équipe, Rigueur et Cadence sont mes mots d'ordre. J'apprécie particulièrement travailler avec des personnes motivées et passionnées. J'ai à coeur le soucis du détail et je me donne à 100% afin d'atteindre mes objectifs. Brand Positionning Business Nursery. Refonte radicale du logo de l'incubateur d'entreprise de KEDGE BS et déclinaison sur. Reexpédition de courrier. Vous déménagez, vous vous absentez quelques mois, faites suivre votre courrier. Voir le proje The most unique way to showcase your work. Best suited for Photographers, Designers or Freelancers of any sort. Using Webflow to the full potential with beautiful interactions

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portfolio portfolio. book book. about about. contact contact contact contact. shall we take a quick look? EXAMPLE WORK (Content has been masked for confidentiality) These are some examples of what I've been working on over the part few years. I'm proud to say that its quite a broad spectrum of work ranging from strategy papers, operating models, and workshops, to concepts, visualizations. Neon is a flat responsive Webflow Template with various layouts which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Home. About. Work. Contact. menu. BOSCH REXROTH. Large Piston Wave Generator. SAT TECHNOLOGIES. trailer animation 2018. SAT TECHNOLIGIES. ORDER PICKING TECHNOLOGY 2018 . JE GAAT HET MAKEN. RTL4 REAL-live TV Serie intro 2019. CASINO. Portfolio Template. Complete template for your Digital Agency, Graphic Design Studio, Photographers or Freelancer Portfolio. Buy this template. Demo 1—Agency. Demo 2—Studio Medium. Demo 3—Studio Small (Ecommmerce) Demo 4—Studio Small . Demo 5—Freelancer. Style guide. Image licensing. Changelog. Instructions. Made by Fouroom. Powered by Webflow.

My experience. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla portfolio. Filter. Alle. Product. Event. Bruiloft. Bedrijf. Oud - Nieuw Nieuw - Oud 2020-01-17. 2020-02-05. 2020-03-21. 2020-02-05. 2020-03-23. Product. 2020-01-17. 2020-01-17. 2020-03-21. Event. 2020-02-05. Bruiloft. 2020-03-21. Bedrijf. Fotografie aanbod. Voor deze acht pijlers help ik je graag met het ontwikkelen van mooi beeldmateriaal! Of je nu op zoek bent naar portretfotografie. the portfolio of Georgia Mo Hughes. Contact me. Close. Home. Projects. Team. Services. Blog. Contact. Call Us: 1-800-506-266. Opening Times: Mon-Sat 7:00-18:00. LINKEDIN instagram Twitter Facebook. 5. Years of experience. About ME. We are the architects of our own future. I am a technologist with a vision for a fairer society. My love for the role data plays in societal transformation began.

Browse the Webflow templates below for a responsive HTML5 portfolio. With these code-free design software you can easily customize any of our portfolio website templates, then link your new portfolio website to our Webflow CMS, and launch it today. Polaris Polaris Webflow design is ideally suited for developing artistic portfolio, business, photographer, and photo studio [ Qui suis-je ? Étudiante de 20 ans en BTS Design Graphique option Communication & Médias Imprimés au lycée Raymond Loewy à la Souterraine (23), et diplômée d'un Bac STD2A réalisé dans le même établissement. Passionnée d'art et plus particulièrement de graphisme et de typographie. Étant sensible à la communication dans notre société, je souhaite donc continuer de mener mes. Portfolio Vaiana Odyssea The Vaiana Odyssea est un projet réalisé en 1ère année d'IUT Informatique, ce projet consistait à créer un site vitrine pour un produit inventé dans le but de nous initier à la programmation web

Slider. Le slider est un format qui incite l'utilisateur à glisser et/ou cliquer sur les flèches pour passer d'une image à l'autre (jusqu'à 6) à la façon d'une galerie photo Five is a template, that combines a minimal modern design with the right amount of features to help you create an outstanding web for your business in no time PHX PHX - Phoenix - connects the dots between scientists, technologists, creatives and artists who are positively shaping the way our world operates. Creating a safe haven for original thinkers to connect and create. Uncompromised. Non-judgemental. Open. Meaningful Di'Nasia Berry is a remote freelance User Experience Designer specializing in product and graphic design while enhancing brand identity

Some Other Event. Jan 17, 2019: Place where Michael will be. So his fans can come see him in the flesh Here's an opportunity to create an Portfolio widget template and add it on your Webflow site. You will enjoy free client support and other perks Thanks for checking out my portfolio. And for scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page.. Portfolio of my work. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. - Salvador Dalí. Axis Autobody. Branding | Print | Web Design. Check out the entire project on. Recycle Solutions. Print | Logos. TBI Tours. Print | Website. Our Portfolio. Every project is different, and every client has different needs. We believe in taking a holistic approach to our projects, and we are very proud of our work. We're not just designing a website, we're building an experience. And we want that to be a meaningful and lasting one. Get a Quote. LOAD MORE. We welcome all enquiries, and we're keen to discuss new and exciting projects.

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Portfolio. Branding Accessible by design. Product Things that make us think. Illustration Deliver intelligence. Data platform Delivering intelligence data visualization. Accessible by design. Branding. Deliver intelligence. Illustration. Things that make us think. Branding. Delivering intelligence data visualization . Data platform. Things that make us think. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. My experience. With now over 16 years experience, we know exactly what our customers like and need. We are known by our close attention to details, speed and honesty. 100% satisfaction if our motto and our rule of thumb portfolio. The Evaco Group has established a strong portfolio of assets. The group has added to its list of accomplishments numerous projects such as high-end residential complexes: Oasis, Athena, Clos du Littoral and recently unveiled, Secret Private Villa Resort, a prestigious resort made up of individual and private villas with a smart integration of latest technology. Secret Private Villas. Instagram Twitter Linkedin Behance Dribbble Image License Info Powered by Webflow. This section is a Symbol. Edit it once, and watch it update across your site. Like freaking magic..

PORTFOLIO of Graphic Designer & Concept Artist David Reyes.. Concept Art & Illustration. 3D Art & Desig Crow is a multidisciplinary product and motion studio. Together, let's create something great My name is Lee Harris. I am UX Designer in Atlanta. Below are a few projects I have worked on AMEX Global Business Travel. Digitizing a pen and paper sales experience. view projec A typical design project goes like this: ‍ 1 | Design discovery meeting: We will walk you through our design portfolio and service packages to see what will best suit your needs. 2 | We then create a timeline and contract for the services based on your project and the level design you are requesting. 3 | Preliminary design: We'll deliver the first draft of design for your review. 4 | Final.

― Trouver et résoudre les anomalies des systèmes ― Passer en revue les tâches des développeurs de mon équipe ― Recevoir et indexer les demandes de changement des clients ― Assigner des tâches aux développeurs de mon équipe ― Diriger les rencontres Agile ― Monter des rapports de progression des tâches ― Rapporter les progès aux cadres supérieur Viajá. Viajá é um projeto experimental desenvolvido na Apple Developer Academy Senac a partir de uma necessidade encontrada na área de turismo para pessoas com deficiência I'm Juliet Halasz! I'm an Illustrator and a Writer. 01. The Dreamers. view projec Introducing the most personal Webflow template. 8 home pages, 2 portfolio styles, 3 blog layouts, 4 navigation styles and a huge pack of components. Perfect for designers, photographers and all creative people

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Portfolio About Contact. DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED AN ONLINE PRESENCE OR DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATION? Get a quote. LATEST WORK. Customized 5-Minute Countdowns - 2020 - New Birth - Atlanta, GA. KM & Company. Powered by Webflow. Homepage Portfolio Our Process Our Design Team Contact Us. Hayes Valley Interior Design, LLC 47 West Hayes Valley Road, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94102. 415-555-1200. Monday -Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PT. Let's chat. OUR portfolio space. Create your outstanding, clean and high quality website. Today more than ever, you must have a stunning user experience

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Allens Lane Art Center. Intern. October 2014 — May 201 My Portfolio. Web Design. Awesome Company Logo Design. Branding. Sketch Designs. Lets Work Together. Contact Me. Serving your travel needs. Contact Blog Portfolio About Home. The Role of the United Nations in the Struggle for Palestinian Rights. In May, in collaboration with the Carnegie Endowment, we will be hosting a conference in New York City. ‍ The conference will look at the critical role that the UN can still play in defending the rights of Palestinians

We are moving our site to fastest platform. We'll bring new look to show you. Stick around Hi! My name is Kyle Schmitz and I'm a Product Designer from Florida. In this video I'll show you how to build a masonry style portfolio layout (Pinterest Grid) in Webflow that is fully responsive. In this full project build, we'll create a custom, CMS-driven portfolio website that professionally showcases client projects. Support Hours & Info: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm PST • Contact Support → support@webflow.com.

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Stagiaire graphiste sept 2017 - février 2018. Graphiste février 2018 - Août 2018. Graphiste sept 2018 - juin 201 Choose from 18 Webflow Templates. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers

portfolio. chill-vid 20. kunmanara mumu mike williams and the mimili maku arts. testing time travel in the garden. bondi composition ii. it is hard to exploit someone who wears your own face. i need a laser please. technolates. colour reactive spring. about (c) charles clapshaw. Portfolio. 04. Portfolio Masonry Portfolio Grid. Blog. 05. Pages. 06. About Contact 404 Page Protected Page Licensing Style Guide. Get in touch. 438 Marine Parade Elwood, Victoria P.O Box 3184. Work Inquiries. info@denibozo.com p: +1.831.306.6725. You deserve a stunning website Design Visually. Create Efficiently. Buy for $79 View on Webflow. Start by choosing one Landings. Home I Home II Home. portfolio About contact. I'm Emma, an event planner who likes to live on the edge: from canyons to comfort zones to hospitality and event-planning norms. Take a peek for yourself... ‍ RELEVANT YOUTH THE INK CAFE & MORE. Powered by Webflow. Working Not Working LinkedIn. For more information, please view on web.. Using Webflow to the full potential with beautiful interactions. About. About. Contact. Contact. ABOUT ABOUT ABOUT. Short story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem.

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How to embed Portfolio to Webflow website? In order to reveal the widget on your website, you only need to do the following 3 fast actions: 1) Create and personalize the widget I'll be rebuilding my portfolio site from scratch live. Want to support my content? Consider donating here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/pixelgeek #webflow #.. Biz Card Design. Flyer Design. Policies & Procedure Carrete Theme is a fully responsive and elegant Webflow Template for those creative Photographers that want a ready and easy to use Portfolio design Course lesson from Freelance web design boot camp: Portfolio overview. . In this video, we'll cover some of the best ways to present your work without having to build an intricate portfolio. Support Hours & Info: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm PST • Contact Support → support@webflow.com. University. Courses Topics Blog Forum Contact. More. Integrations Wishlist API Docs Glossary Community.

Portfolio. Case Studies. Selected Works. We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help brands stand out. All. Branding. Mobile. Website. Mobile. Magic Stone App. Website. Photographer Theme. Branding. Floristica Branding. Mobile. Fitness Tracker App. Mobile . Pro Camera App. Website. Architect Website. Are You Ready? Let's Work Together. We create. portfolio If you film it, they will come. LATEST PROJECTS. Those Boys Cassidy, Contracted. Music Video. Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Co. Social Media Commercial. Self Employment Program. Community Futures. Zolo Marketing. Business Video. Coastal Olive Oils Co. Event. Standard Interview Q & A, MPPAC. Community Futures . JOIN OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS CONTACT US TODAY Dennis Chappell : 1 (604) 355-2385. Webflow themselves have created a really good step by step how to make a portfolio in Webflow guide. It's in Webflow university or YouTube. They also have a series of videos called freelancers journey or something like that where they get a client and then build their website and I used the CMS portion of those videos to do the CMS for my portfolio when I created my first one It feels like a long wait, as the fruit slowly swells through the dog days of August, but finally - that first meltingly sweet bite! After months of careful cultivation it's time to harvest, one handful of tender, velvety peaches at a time; no bruising these beauties

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PORTFOLIO // 2015. PROJETOS SELECIONADOS. Abaixo estão listados alguns trabalhos que são dignos de nota! Clique no botão ao lado para baixar uma versão em .pdf do Portfolio. VER MAIS PROJETOS. DEMOCRACIA PARA EL SIGLO XXI. DEMOCRACIA en red. Fomos até o Chile participar de uma conferência com lideres de diversos movimentos da América latina. O objetivo era discutir as maiores questões. Audi, Car Service Audi Service Digital Screens, Kiosk ‍ ‍Project Management, UX and UI Desig Portfolio About Contact. LOREM IPSUM. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere. Hello. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Our Selected Portfolio Discover some recent projects we have be fortunate to be involved in. We feature four website designs and two website development projects below. Connect with us. The Black Goo Project. Fully launching in late 2020, a site dedicated to Autism Awareness. ‍ Let's go.... The Tring Cake Company. The best cake Wholesales in Hertfordshire. Mouthwatering. ‍ Let's go. Dent de lait est une boutique en ligne d'accessoires de dentition pour bébé

Angler is a template, that combines a minimal modern design with the right amount of features to help you create an outstanding web for your business in no time Découvrez le boni Momentum. Le boni Momentum d'Assomption Vie* est une initiative de rémunération qui vous encourage à propulser vos ventes et à développer votre entreprise, tout en touchant une plus grande commission Praktyka która bazuje na idei Gesamtkuenstwerk. Polega ona na holistycznym i spójnym działaniu projektowym w którym efekt finalny jest konsekwencją harmonijnej interakcji zastosowanych środków oraz materiałów tworzących specyficzną atmosferę miejsca My name is Phillip Wright. San Diego, CA Brigham Young University 2020 I help build the urban landscape. Real Estate, Entrepreneurship & Graphic Design

Pontero Template - A Creative Portfolio Template for Designers. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua A stylish, fully featured portfolio template for Webflow CMS Portfolio. Lucas Kemna Computer Graphics Artist - www.illusionloop.com. About. I have always been fascinated by how video-games or simulations tried to mimic reality. When I got my first pc I started to modify games by altering levels, physics or models. While studying architecture in Karlsruhe i began to work with the Unity engine. I created game prototypes, architectural visualizations. portfolio about contact. Hello :) My name is Ndina or Abel (depending on who you ask) and I am a communications designer with 8 years of experience. This is my portfolio/website with some of my favourite and most memorable projects. ‍ Scroll down to view. Talitha Koum Foundation. Children... Rise-Up. view project. people Portal. An HR portal for People. view project. Big Screen Big Dreams.

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Home About Me Portfolio Packages Contact. Home About Me Portfolio Packages Contact. Portraits. Dance. Events. Portraits I capture moments and memories. Family | Seniors | Kids | Pets | Babies | Birthdays... Dance I'm Collector of dreams in movement. Danza Group pictures | Individuals pictures | Recital Dance Pictures. Events Perform on the special occasions. Parties | Weddings | Performances. Yannic Glowitz Yannic Glowit Webflow. Created by. Flow Ninja. Another Planet Another Planet. Solo Bday Solo Bday. Archi Archi. Lonely Commute Lonely Commute. Identity Identity. Vision Vision. Care Care. Dear Details Dear Details. Street views Street views. Blues Blues. Scroll to explore. All Projects Close. P R I S M A. P P P P. R R R R. I I I I. S S S S. M M M M. A A A A. Craig is a carefully crafted portfolio template for freelance creatives. Craig comes with everything you need to get started right away and showcase your beautiful work to your potential clients. Home. About. Projects . Contact. Craig Roush, Freelance. UI/UX Designer. Hi, my name is Craig Roush and I'm a freelance web designer based in Sydney , Australia. I have over 10 years of experience in. Portfolio. Denver Landscape Design Gallery. Landscape Design Yards with Wow Factor. View a selection of installed residential landscape designs. view designs. Born in Colorado Plants We Love. Check out some of our favorite plants that call Colorado home. view PLANTS. Water Features Ambiance in Every Drip . Bring more tranquility to your landscape with the gentle sound of falling water. view.

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E-Pic. E-Pic is an app allowing merchants to make their product thumbnails more descriptive by adding additional info to them. I've come up with the idea for this app when working on an e-commerce customization for a client Home About Services Portfolio Contact. COMMERCIAL MORE. INDUSTRIAL MORE. Residential MORE. Why Choose Us. We are a team of experienced fully qualified electricians with Fully qualified electricians with £2 million Liability insurance and £250,000 Indemnity insurance. Whatever you electrical needs our professionals are here for you. Give Us A Call Request A Free Estimate. Electrical. Portfolio. orem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.. My Portfolio. Manufacturing. Honu: Clear Blue. Manufacturing. Food 3D Printing. Manufacturing. Children's Toy - Helping Kid's Count. Branding. Design Make Sell - Spül. Let's Work Together. Contact Me. ALYSSAPOSECION. Contact Gallery Portfolio About Home.

Webflow Design supplies great web design and graphic design services for many businesses. We also offer great printing prices for business cards, invoice books, fashion catalogues, high end design and more. Web design portfolio click here. Graphic design portfolio click her Tintoretto2Go. How to make 500-years-old art interactive and playful. #App #AR #Art #Tintorett

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I help people change and elevate their career by instilling in them the hard and soft skills that go into design & design thinking. How? I act as Product Owner, UX Manager, or Lead Designer while giving actionable feedback, setting clear expectations & metrics for success, and most importantly I do this with a kind attitude.. If you want to see the fruits of my labor check out a few of my. Please feel free to connect with me for more details and other portfolio areas. Best! Sandeep. An Experienced Product Leader with a demonstrated history of 11 yrs working in the tech industry across the US and the APAC region, specializing in Digital Technology, UX and Product Strategy for the emerging markets and large scale enterprises. 01. Home Mortgage Journey Transformation. Loan. Got a project in mind? Drop me a line! Let's make something great together. Contac

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PUBLIC PORTFOLIO. confidential agency. Tous nos projets restent dans notre confidentialité. Nous sommes capable de tout créer. Let's go to the moon. UX UI Front-end // BACK-END. Design Thinking . Nous accompagnons nos clients dans la création de site internet: étude, UX, conception, design, développement, SEO. Notre agence web est capable de répondre à tous vos besoins et d'élaborer. Découvrir UI/UX portfolio. Nos domaines d'intervention. Nous accompagnons les PME dans leur processus de développement, en leur permettant d'asseoir leur notoriété moyennant deux leviers : Design Epuré. Abdelbast figure dans le top 20 mondial UI/UX Design sur la plateforme internationale «99 Design». Ce Féru du 7ième art aide les entreprises à façonner leur identité visuelle. Now I have a killer portfolio to show off. Anna williamson. I'm amazed by the high quality portraits Jasmine delivered. Sadie Smith. Portraits. The thing I like to do the most and where I'm currently specialized in . Professional Gear. I only use the best gear possible to make sure you get the best photographs. Group Photos. Besides making portraits, I also make group photos for companies and. Comprendre les attentes et le comportement des utilisateurs est fondamental, En fonction des projets, je réalise des benchmarks et mène des entretiens avec les utilisateurs mais aussi des cartes d'empathie et des personas Shop easy, fast and get the product you want. BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE. Blue Bottle Coffee application re-desig

Portfolio Layouts. What You Get. Template Features. Beautifully Designed. Legend UI kit template comes with a huge pack of beautifully designed components, that will help you create your perfect website. 100% Responsive. We've made the template fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices: desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Smooth Animations. You can see beautiful interactions all.

Free web design courses and tutorials | Webflow UniversityTop 19 UX Designer Portfolio Websites in 2019 – Case StudyPersonal Portfolio by cesiel1993 | ThemeForestKansas Crossing Casino | Hospitality | Schwerdt Design Group
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